Oil Painting with Palette Knives: Impasto

Taught by Alex Stanco Mondays, 6:00pm – 8:00pm, at Art House 473 in Calliste. $100 EC MATERIALS NEEDED -palette knife -canvas -oil paint -palette -paper towels -reference image -pencil OBJECTIVE This short class will teach you how to create an oil painting using only a palette knife as your “brush”. Many artists have used thisContinue reading “Oil Painting with Palette Knives: Impasto”

Plastic Art Workshop: October 19th

Ingrid Newman will be hosting a plastic art workshop demonstrating how single use plastic can be turned into something of value through turning single use plastic bottles into chandeliers. Workshop duration: 4 hrs (10am to 2pm) Cost: $75ec All ages welcome! Materials and tools included, excluding wiring, plugs and bulbs. Participants requested to bring ownContinue reading “Plastic Art Workshop: October 19th”

Make Sun Print Art: Blueprint Workshop for Kids

Make Sun Print Art Blueprint Workshop for Kids Ages: 8-12 Date: Saturday, June 29th Time: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm Where: ART HOUSE 473, Calliste Registration: $25 EC per student LaVanda Mireles, prominent artist acclaimed with using found materials to create cyanotype artwork, is holding a “sun-printing” workshop at ART HOUSE 473. She is oneContinue reading “Make Sun Print Art: Blueprint Workshop for Kids”