Make Sun Print Art: Blueprint Workshop for Kids

Make Sun Print Art Blueprint Workshop for Kids Ages: 8-12

Date: Saturday, June 29th Time: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

Where: ART HOUSE 473, Calliste Registration: $25 EC per student

LaVanda Mireles, prominent artist acclaimed with using found materials to create cyanotype artwork, is holding a “sun-printing” workshop at ART HOUSE 473. She is one of the recurring art instructors at Art School Greenz and continues to extend her knowledge and experience through her practice. Joining the instructional team is visiting Art Instructor, Katherine Freiberger of Boston and Grenada Arts Council Executive, Afia Joseph.

The process is called blueprint, and is a traditional photographic process. It’s like taking a picture without using a camera! By using found objects, both man-made and from nature, students communicate artistic messages that explore a sense of place and our impact on the environment.

Students will benefit from both individual and group work to create art prints by using the sun! This workshop emphasizes the elements and principles of design, combines art and science, and encourages students to become creative problem solvers. At the end of the workshop, students can proudly take home their one-of-a-kind sun print!

Requirements/Things to consider:

  • ●  Bring a unique found object or interesting personal object
  • ●  We will be working both indoors and outdoors
  • ●  It can get messy! Please dress accordingly
  • ●  Personal snack for breakClass is limited to 15 students. Register by June 26th!

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