More information about Art School Greenz

Q: Who are these classes for?

A: The purpose of Art School Greenz is to engage local artists and people who want to be artists in Grenada. The majority of classes and workshops are geared towards adults who have completed at least secondary school, are able to read at a competent level, and who are genuinely interested in exploring their role as an artist. Ultimately, we would like to build capacity to be able to have a strong pool of Grenadian contemporary artists to showcase in Grenada and abroad.

Q: What does it mean to be an alternative art school?

A: Being an alternative art school means that we can constantly adapt and grow based on students’ needs without a bulky administrative structure. While you will not receive a certificate or degree, you will benefit from learning new skills and being a part of a creative community. We are constantly looking for solutions that reflect our unique position in a place without formal institutions and we believe that remaining lightweight can allow us to focus on our main objective, art education.

Q: Do you offer classes for children?

A: Yes, we have begun offering children’s classes taught by LaVanda Mireles. We encourage parents and guardians to be supportive and encourage their child’s creativity as this is what they need most at this stage. At Art School Greenz we encourage process over product and this is the same attitude we would advocate for children. There is no one “right way” for a child to do a drawing or painting. Rather than strive for a “perfect” image, engage your child in conversation about why they made certain creative decisions and what they may have been thinking about in the process. Here is an article about teaching art to children that we resonate with: https://www.artsy.net/article/artsy-editorial-teach-art-kids-mark-rothko

Q: How much are classes?

A: We offer a variety of classes with different time spans, needs, and costs. Typically classes are under $180 EC or $67USD

Q: Where are your classes?

A: Most of our classes are held at Art House 473 in Calliste.

Screenshot 2019-07-18 at 2.29.44 PM
Art House 473

Q: Do I get a certificate or anything for completing a course?

A: You will not receive any formal paper or certificate for taking one of our courses but you will build your set of tools on your journey as an artist and build community with others. We are proudly unaccredited and are able to offer classes that are helpful to artists without the expense and bureaucracy of a formal institution. We agree with American artist, Kara Walker, that, “There isn’t a piece of paper in the world that can make you an artist.”

Q: Will I be able to sell my work after taking a course?

A: The work you make while taking a course is for your development and typically, students will not be encouraged to sell their class-made work. You are encouraged, however, to exhibit your work when you are able to get feedback from people and to further improve as an artist!

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