Art School Greenz is an alternative art school in Grenada, West Indies minding the gap between secondary education and a contemporary art practice.

With Grenada’s emergence on the international contemporary art scene, we are striving to build capacity and deepen the pool of artists who can contribute with strong concepts and technical proficiency. Art School Greenz is proudly unaccredited and able to offer classes teaching what we want, when we want, and how we want.

With teachers that are qualified in education and also working consistently in their own art practices, Art School Greenz connects students directly to issues of contemporary art in Grenada. Students have the opportunity to hone their technical skills while considering broad themes with an emphasis on activating thought and process. Whether it is preparing a portfolio or revitalizing a studio art practice, the artist teachers at Art School Greenz are able to connect student artists to their goals. We are proud to be able to help students build skills as well as community.

Art School Greenz operates under the educational organisational umbrella of Berean Christian Schools Grenada.

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Upcoming Classes

Drawing from Observation(1)Introduction to Oil Painting

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Artist Teachers

At Art School Greenz we maintain a high level of instruction by having exceptional working artists as teachers. Our artist teachers translate the rhythm and momentum of their own practice into the classroom or studio so teaching art is more than just theory. Students will be able to see real life examples of art projects under way and also have an insider’s look at a mature artist’s process. There are no exams to pass at Art School Greenz. Our artist teachers primary objective is to get the students to a place where they are simply making good work as a result of cultivating good processes.


Asher Mains

Asher Mains (1984 – ) Grenada, West Indies.

Material and process driven, Mains is aware that some of the objects or content are unfamiliar to people outside of the Caribbean. Whether the sea fans in his Venice Biennale work, Sea Lungs, or the faces in his Painted Portraits for Cocoa Farmers project, Mains is fiercely local while having a hand in the global art scene #glocal. Mains believes that the objects and material we use in our artwork help communicate who we are as people and our work should look as if we come from a specific place and time. Classically trained as a painter, Mains also utilises installations to demonstrate the empathic and mnemonic quality of the objects and materials that surround us.

Mains has a B.A. in Intercultural Studies from Calvin College and has an MFA in Creative Practice from Transart Institute, accredited by Plymouth University, UK.

Asher Mains CV

Susan Mains

A self-taught artist, Susan is a Grenadian. She grew up in Grenada, and her family is 4 generations grafted in—since 1950. For more than 30 years Susan Mains has been pursuing the mystery of the Caribbean in her painting, writing, and now mixed media works. Her work has been exhibited in the Caribbean, Canada, USA, Germany, Australia, Italy, Colombia, Brazil, and China The paintings are much sought after,and are collected internationally.

Susan Mains CV


Lavanda Mireles

LaVanda developed her desire to make art an early age, as her first memories are of drawing at the kitchen table with her mother. While at Regis University, she began to mix media on masonite board that represented themes of human connection. Since then, she has exhibited her art in over 18 group and solo exhibitions. LaVanda works primarily in mixed media and uses found objects to make cyanotypes, or blueprints.

LaVanda works to provide engaging instruction for both adult and children learners. Early on, after completing 2 days as a guest drawing instructor for a class of writers, LaVanda realized she was passionate for educating students who wanted to draw, but didn’t know how. During that time she was also inspired to coach high school volleyball, where she applied the knowledge she learned from her four years as a collegiate athlete. Previously, LaVanda was an Education Lead at Sephora in Boulder, Colorado, where she customized training for many different types of adult learners. LaVanda has taught an Introduction to Art for Children class, and looks forward to teaching art classes for adults at Art School Greenz, Grenada.

LaVanda Mireles continues to educate people of all ages. She guides them into improving their skills and helps them gain the confidence to create art they are proud of. LaVanda resides in the West Indies with her husband who is a medical illustrator for St. George’s University, Grenada.


Nico Thomas

Nico Thomas is a 2017 MFA graduate from ISI Padangpanjang in Indonesia as well as a graduate of TA Marryshow Community College and St. David’s Secondary. As a painter Nico enlists various styles and techniques and has a strong conceptual backing.


Rene Froehlich

Rene Froehlich has over 40 years experience in art; as a student, instructor and working artist. His works have been exhibited in Germany, Switzerland, the U.S., and Grenada. Rene uses many different types of materials in his sculptures, including wood, glass, metal and fiberglass. He is inspired by humans, their social issues, and how they fuse with nature.


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Classes are typically held at Art House 473 in Calliste. We do not keep office hours and the easiest way to contact us is via email.