Art School Greenz is an alternative art school designed for adults who would like to take their contemporary art practice further with short, affordable classes. Classes are taught by artists who are able to teach art school essentials in a contextual way that fits people’s schedules. Whether you would like to refine your skills or try something new, Art School Greenz in Grenada is a solution for continuing art education.

Free content: Foam block printmaking by LaVanda Mireles!

“I have just completed the Intro Into oil painting class and have moved on to stencil making.

The classes have been filled with students of all abilities and interests, but everyone has benefited from the great instruction and sharp observations of Asher Mains. I’ve learnt some new skills and had many laughs.

I highly recommend Art School Greenz!”

Salomie Lawrence-Baird

Artist Faculty

Asher Mains started Art School Greenz in 2015 with a 6 week drawing class in a classroom at his alma mater, Berean Christian Academy in St. George’s. While completing a Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Practice, Mains saw the need for art education in Grenada beyond secondary school. Not only were there people that wanted to hone their skills but there was also a need for a core that a creative community could build around. Art School Greenz has since seen over 100 students engage in creative processes, making art, but also attending art events/exhibits and collecting art as well!

Mains, an internationally exhibited artist, offers students not just technical skills but a trajectory for where they can take their art beyond the classroom. Currently giving classes at Art House 473 in Calliste, Art School Greenz continues to grow and find creative methods for offering relevant art education in Grenada (Greenz).

Mains has a B.A. in Intercultural Studies from Calvin College and has an MFA in Creative Practice from Transart Institute, accredited by Plymouth University, UK and is currently writing a doctoral dissertation through The European Graduate School in Philosophy, Art, and Critical Thought.


A self-taught artist, Susan Mains is a Grenadian. She grew up in Grenada, and her family is 4 generations grafted in—since 1950. For more than 30 years Susan Mains has been pursuing the mystery of the Caribbean in her painting, writing, and now mixed media works. Her work has been exhibited in the Caribbean, Canada, USA, Germany, Australia, Italy, Colombia, Brazil, and China The paintings are much sought after,and are collected internationally. Susan Mains has had Susan Mains Gallery in Spiceland Mall, Morne Rouge, Grenada since 2002, making it one of the longest currently running galleries in the Eastern Caribbean.


More information and classes on the way!