Grenada-Venice Intensive 2019

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A partnership between Grenada Arts Council, Art School Greenz and the Grenada National Pavilion in Venice to bring artists from Grenada to see the Grenada National Pavilion as well as a curation of the exhibits from amongst the 90+ National Pavilions and Collateral Events and 80+ individual artists curated for the 58th Venice Biennale.

The purpose of this intensive is to broaden our local base of artists who have been exposed to contemporary art at the highest level. The experience of the city of Venice and the Biennale di Arte cannot be communicated in words and we are hopeful that this intensive can propel our developing artists forward as well as providing a broader audience locally who are familiar with the event. The intensive will span 1 week in Grenada with preparatory readings and assignments followed by a 1 week residency in Venice, Italy, and a debriefing in Grenada upon completion. The program will cover some of the costs of travel and accommodation but participants will need to be prepared to contribute as well. Details can be discussed during the interview after applying. The program in Venice will run from July 1st to 8th*


Applicants should have a demonstrated interest in art and a particular involvement in the continued development of art in Grenada.

Applicants should have a valid Grenadian or other passport that allows entry to Italy through England.

Applicants need to be in good health and able to spend several hours during the day walking. 6 to 7 miles with frequent stairs has been an average.

Applicants should be able to read and write at a university level.

Applicants should be prepared to contribute to their own expenses, i.e. food and personal shopping during the intensive.


It is important to note that participants will be required to complete writing assignments and readings to ensure their fullest engagement with the intensive. Writing should be at least college level proficiency and will help not only to serve as a helpful method of synthesising information but also to have as a record that others can read about the experience. Topics will vary but particular emphasis will be on digesting new work and researching artists. Readings will be to give more information on the city of Venice but also on artists and movements with the goal of enhancing the viewing experience and further developing as an artist.

Assignments will begin the week before the intensive in order to cover as much introductory ground as possible before travel. Some writing assignments may translate into published work to broaden the conversation about contemporary art in Grenada as well as Venice.
Social Media

Participants will use their social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc. to broadcast their experience in Venice along with appropriate hashtags. This is important as far as expanding the online content particularly from the Caribbean perspective.

All participants will share an apartment in Venice. This maximises time together in session but also minimises the cost and logistics of separate accommodations. The cost of the accommodation will be covered by the program.


Asher Mains, MFA, as director of research for the Grenada National Pavilion, will be leading the intensive. Having been to 4 consecutive Biennales and having twice exhibited with the Grenada National Pavilion, Mains brings a unique and intimate perspective in engaging with the Venice Biennale. As a lecturer at St. George’s University, and a practicing international artist, Mains is equipped to manage the theoretical as well as practical issues surrounding the Caribbean’s representation at the highest stage of contemporary art.


Applicants should apply with an essay no longer than 500 words stating why they are interested in taking part in the intensive. Applicants who provide a strong case for their participation will then have an interview with Asher Mains before applications are informed of their inclusion in the program. Due to the costs and in the interest in a truly intensive educational experience, the program will be limited to 3 – 4 successful applicants. Essays can be sent to Grenada Arts Council with the subject line “Grenada Venice Intensive”:

A program fee of $1,350 ec will be required to assist in covering costs. Scholarships available.


*Subject to change based on availability.