5 weeks – Mondays 4:30pm to 6:00pm beginning July 13th

$100 EC – payment for the class will be made at Art & Soul Bookstore at Spiceland Mall.

Payment of $40usd can also be may via Paypal.

Online art learning experience for Caribbean people.

This course will be a short introduction to Caribbean artists,

paintings, colour and techniques.

The instruction will be in the form of short lectures,

Instagram and internet research by students.

Demonstrations by Dr. Mains.

Students are expected to:

Watch via Zoom platform

Participate in conversations

Participate in practice during class time

Do the homework outside of class

Share their process work in a group platform on Instagram

Be encouraging and respectful to others.  Mutual learning is expected.

An online exhibition of work completed with be displayed on the website of Art School Greenz.

Approximate time, 1.5 hours for each class, plus some time outside to complete assignments

Students will need access to a computer, or a phone with internet access. 

A Whatsapp group will be used for communication and sharing pictures and assignments.

Instagram will also be used to share students’ work.

Materials for class:

Acrylic Paints

Variety of Brushes



Prepared Canvas

Paper Towels or rags

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