Observational Drawing With Charcoal

LaVanda Mireles will be leading a new class format for us at Art School Greenz! Observational Drawing with Charcoal will be on the last Saturday of the month starting January 25th! The classes will go from 10:00am – 1:00pm and will cover a different drawing topic each month.

Students will be able to drop-in for one session or attend all of them: January 25th, February 29th, March 28th, and April 25th. Topics will include the following:

January 25th, Class 1: Not Your Ordinary Still Life
Learn composition by setting up and dismantling a still life. Practice eye-hand coordination and use a variety of mark making techniques to capture what you see.

February 29th, Class 2: Escape through Landscape
Practice perspective and capture atmosphere. Use expressive gesture and the subtractive process to create textures and shapes from your surroundings.

March 28th, Class 3: Form and the Figure
Observe proportions of the human body while drawing from a live model. Turn shapes into forms by adding value. Add life to your drawings by applying a variety of drawing techniques covered in class.

April 25th, Class 4: Expressive Portraits
Experience the process of drawing from life while capturing the essense of the model during this portrait class. Observe and record the unique and various shapes of the face while applying accurate facial proportions.

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What does it mean to ‘see’ like an artist? Practice seeing as a cognitive process and become a great observer. Drawing from real life observation is a process of eye hand coordination, and the ability to interpret and register information from life. In this class we will ​not​ be drawing from a photograph or our imaginations, rather we will set up our own still life, draw outside, and draw from live models. Take one class, or take them all! Each class is organized to help you escape preconceived ideas and to guide you in becoming a better observational drawer. Whether you’re a beginner or practice art regularly, you will come away with more confidence and skills to capture what you ​actually​ see vs. what you ​think you see!