Oil Painting with Palette Knives: Impasto

Taught by Alex Stanco

Mondays, 6:00pm – 8:00pm, at Art House 473 in Calliste. $100 EC

-palette knife
-oil paint
-paper towels
-reference image

This short class will teach you how to create an oil painting using only a palette knife as your “brush”. Many artists have used this technique such as Rembrandt and Van Gogh. Applying thick layers of paint and manipulating it with the knife creates different outcomes. The thick paint makes the painting appear more 3 dimensional. Smaller canvases are advised due to the amount of paint impasto requires, it is also advisable to focus on one subject closeup. Reflective surfaces with higher contrast are suggested for the painting subject including but not limited to skin, metal, and glass.

Introduction to impasto, learn how to create your composition and paint with a knife. Draw out your image onto the canvas creating a dynamic composition and avoiding tangents. Always work back to front, think to thick, dark to light. Start developing your colors for the painting.

Continue to develop your colors and aim to cover the whole canvas with paint by the end of class. Complete the large areas of color and blend with the knife as needed. In order to add more details to your work most of the canvas should be painted so it can dry by the next class.

Start adding finer details into your painting with the knife. Add in the highlights and lighter smaller details to complete your painting. Present your work to the class and have a small discussion/critique. Don’t forget to sign your work!

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