October 3rd: Process

4 Week Course

Wednesdays, October 3, 10, 17, 24

2 hours
, 6:00pm – 8:00 pm

Primarily Adults 18+
Cost: $100 EC (supplies not included)

Instructor: Asher Mains
Title: Process: Art Across Disciplines

Description: Over 4 weeks, students will work with sculpture, drawing, and painting in order to examine how the process of creating can be the catalyst for new work. This is an important idea in terms of learning to develop a process in one’s artistic practice but to also set up situations that would not have occurred except if the artist had set it up.
Goal: Students will have cursory overviews of the three processes of sculpture, drawing, and painting with an emphasis on creating a work of art that is inspired by the process of discovery and creation.

Supply List:
Two sheets of Bristol Board (white)
Objects that can be found in multiple (for assemblage)
Sketchbook and drawing implements
Canvas or Bristol board
Acrylic paint
____________________________________________________________________________ __
Tenative Outline:
Week 1: Experiment with paper sculpture forms and assemblage. Photograph results
Week 2: Recap week 1 and begin drawing sculptures both from observation and from photo references.
Week 3: Recap week 2 and paint using drawings as a reference. Paint sculptures from observation time permitting.
Week 4: Recap week 3 and further synthesize the progression of ideas and revisit particularly successful modes.

Explore art as discovery
Understand art as the product of a process
Present a dynamic set of inter-related work.

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