Art School Greenz Shines at Grenada Contemporary 2017

St. George’s, Grenada

By Asher Mains

The Susan Mains Gallery was ignited again on Friday, Oct 27th with the opening of the 4th Annual Grenada Contemporary exhibit featuring the work of 30 artists from 11 different countries. Art School Greenz is proud to have played a quiet role in the success of the show as 8 of the exhibiting artists are affiliated with the school as students, teachers or facilitators. Art School Greenz is staging a quiet revolution on the Grenada art scene and besides opening a show at the Waving Art Gallery on Friday Oct. 20th (open until November 17th), the group of artists occupied nearly half the slots of local representation at the Grenada Contemporary.

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(Left  (partial): Jessica Holland’s, painting: John Henry, installation: Amy Cannestra, right, painting: Roxanne Marquez-Augustine. Photo Credit: Susan Mains)

Art School Greenz teachers, LaVanda Mireles, Rene Froehlich and Asher Mains showed work at a consistently high standard as well as facilitator and owner of the gallery, Susan Mains. Newcomer to the Grenada art scene, Amy Cannestra, helped immeasurably with the hanging of the show and did all of the design work for the exhibit. Her work will also be seen in the inevitable online documentation of the exhibit. Jessica Holland, a medical illustrator at St. George’s University, has taken a couple Art School Greenz courses and has found a creative artistic outlet outside of her very technical day to day work. John Henry has taken our Drawing from Observation class and while Art School Greenz cannot take credit for the natural ability and work ethic of this up and coming staple of the Grenada art scene, we are happy to be associated with him! Roxanne Marquez-Augustine has been one of the most involved Art School Greenz students. She has taken multiple classes and the work she’s been putting into her craft has been showing in her paintings.

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(Right: Roxanne Marquez-Augustine. Photo Credit: Amy Cannestra)

At Art School Greenz we have on our About page, “We are proud to be able to help students build skills as well as community”; it is a place where artists are actively pushed in the direction they want to go as far as exhibiting but also being supportive and knowledgeable consumers of art. We saw this tangibly during the opening of the Grenada Contemporary not just in the artists exhibiting but also in the number of people attending that have also taken a class at Art School Greenz. Asher Mains says, “We look forward to seeing how this critical mass of creative energy will carry into 2018 and we are excited to see people involved with Art School Greenz making a bigger impact on the Grenada art scene!” The Grenada Contemporary exhibit will be open at Susan Mains Gallery from 10:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Saturday until November 11th.

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(Piece by Asher Mains. Photo credit: Susan Mains)