Finished March 9th: Drawing from Observation

Class format is once a week for 6 weeks unless otherwise noted. Studio classes will typically be longer than non-studio classes (theory, seminar, etc.). Classes are $180EC for the six weeks plus the cost of supplies unless otherwise noted.

This course is designed as an overview or survey course to introduce artists to a range of expressive drawing techniques. Artists will use classic materials such as charcoal to approach a range of subjects from the perspective of mark-making. With an emphasis in drawing from observation, this course will focus on objective representation through various expressions of drawing. As much as possible, drawings will be done from observing the subject in its space and not from photographs.

By the end of course, artists will have a foundation by which they will:

  • Know several drawing techniques and how to use them to visually interpret their subject.
  • Know technical terms such as gesture, contour, volume, line, space, and more.
  • Know the work of other artists and how they use drawing in their own practice.
  • Be able to work independently to form compositions and concepts to support their work.
  • To be able to critique and receive criticism from others about work.
  • Be able to continue building their drawing skills beyond the course.