2-D Design

Class format is once a week for 6 weeks unless otherwise noted. Studio classes will typically be longer than non-studio classes (theory, seminar, etc.). Classes are $180EC for the six weeks plus the cost of supplies unless otherwise noted.

This course could also be called Elements and Principles of Design. It is primarily concerned with 2-D application of the elements and principles of design in drawings, paintings, and other 2 dimensional formats. In most cases, this class will be a pre-requisite for painting classes as it deals with fundamental issues of executing well planned design. Students in this class will learn about and do exercises based on the following elements of design: colour theory, composition, perspective, and line. Students, by the end of the class will not only be able to plan and execute their own designs but also use the vocabulary to discuss other 2 dimensional work.

Published by ashermains

International artist from Grenada, West Indies. Exploring modes of art-making within a local, Caribbean context. Making art with materials that are empathic and mnemonic and engaging in the process of becoming more human.