Completed: Art Model Workshop, Dec 8

Teacher: Malaika Brooks-Smith-Lowe

Date: Friday, December 8th, 6:00pm to 8:15pm

Where: Spice Harmony Yoga Studio

Cost: $25EC

Art modeling is an important part of an artist community. Artists need art models for live references to draw, paint, sculpt, and photograph. Good art models need to be able to stay still for 10, 15, 20 minutes at a time without fatigue. This one day workshop will teach people interested in art modeling techniques for breathing, posing and being present so that everyone can work in a responsible and fulfilling way.

There are many income opportunities for art models and it is a great way to make a little money on the side for men and women of all body types who are committed to it. People likely to hire an art model may need someone to pose for a class or small artist group. Artists work with professionalism and respect for the models. This workshop will address all these things and more to put you on a path to a creative and fulfilling outlet in the local art community!