Welcome to Art School Greenz

Welcome to Art School Greenz, the only alternative art school in Grenada as well as the Eastern Caribbean. We chose the name “Greenz” because it is the informal slang for Grenada but it also describes a less formal, more relevant approach to art education. Art School Greenz allows our qualified teachers to provide excellent art instruction in short modules that are targeted towards working adults who would like to continue their journey in art. What makes our school ‘alternative’ is that we are open to non-traditional models of effective art education. Our tagline, “minding the gap between secondary school and a contemporary art practice”, describes our goal of deepening the pool of local artists who are able to contribute to the contemporary art conversation at a world class level.

Begun in 2015 by Asher Mains, MFA, Art School Greenz began with studio classes such as drawing and painting. Since then, the School has grown organically and has added artist-teachers and classes in response to the needs of local artists. We are proudly unaccredited which means we can offer classes for what we want and how we want. Based on the class, Art School Greenz has had classes in different locations adding where we want to our classes making them as relevant and contextual as possible. Our artist-teachers all maintain their own art practices, many with an international reach meaning our students have access to a network of resources connecting them to a global contemporary art world.

Students do not receive any papers or certification upon completion of any of our classes but through art education, students will:

  1. Improve their skills of observation
  2. Exercise problem solving
  3. Learn to think critically
  4. Understand how communicating visually can enhance many disciplines
  5. Develop technical and conceptual skills for creating works of art

Students will also benefit from other opportunities offered by Art School Greenz including exhibition opportunities, constructive critique by experienced artists, and open studio time to work on projects with the help of skilled professionals. Students will also benefit from building community with other students who have similar goals, providing an environment of camaraderie and collaboration.

At Art School Greenz, our affordable, short classes, primarily in the evenings are ideal for people who are just starting out or continuing their journey in art. We are committed to the development of art and artists in Grenada and we look forward to welcoming you into our community!

– Asher Mains, MFA
Director of Art School Greenz
Grenada, West Indies.