Mentorship Program


Our mentorship program is a pairing of you with one of our artist teachers for the purpose of one-to-one focused help and advising in exchange the student artist will supplement their experience with art-related volunteer requirements. This program is for artists who already have some direction with their studio practice and not private lessons for learning to paint or draw. Having the resource of a more experienced artist is invaluable for technical development, career development and network. Whether your goal is to prepare a competent portfolio, learn how to speak and write about your work, or prepare for a show, our artist teachers can help you in the process.

Artists interested in a mentoring relationship with one of our artist teachers will need to contact us to begin the process. The period of active engagement will be for 3 months and will in most cases consist of a weekly or twice a month meetings. This will essentially be like one of our classes with homework and assignments, the difference is that it will be one on one and without a typical class setup. Once in the program, you will meet with your mentor to discuss direction and goals to achieve by the end of the 3 months. You are welcome to reapply after the 3 month commitment. Our artist teachers are limited to a maximum of 4 artists in the interest of economy of time and to be able to give focused advice. With limited space, this program is competitive and attracts the most promising individuals. Contact us for more information or to express your interest!