MBIA’s Waving Art Gallery Continues to Soar

MBIA’s Waving Art Gallery Continues to Soar By Asher Mains On January 19th, the Waving Art Gallery at the Maurice Bishop International Airport changed its rotating exhibit from Godfrey Luke’s figurative sculptures made from found materials to a group show showing the work of Art School Greenz students. Called “Assemblage and Stencils”, the work inContinue reading “MBIA’s Waving Art Gallery Continues to Soar”

Completed: Oct 3, Intro to Stencils

Intro to Stencils, taught by Asher Mains will cover basic stenciling techniques and materials used by Mains in work such as the Sea Lungs series. This useful process can be used for making signs, decorating rooms or making contemporary art. Once the stencil is cut one can apply spray paint, watercolour, acrylic, oil paint, inkContinue reading “Completed: Oct 3, Intro to Stencils”

Finished: Aug. 29th: Intro to Oil Painting

This class will cover the foundations of oil painting as it has been done for the past several hundred years using the Flemish Method taught by Asher Mains. This short workshop will give artists the tools they need to start making technically proficient paintings based on an understanding of how the materials work together. ThinnersContinue reading “Finished: Aug. 29th: Intro to Oil Painting”

Finished April 4: Watercolour Painting

Taught by Nico Thomas Tuesdays 6:00pm February 28th – April 4th 2017 This course is designed to explore the basic skills of watercolor painting. In the beginning of the course, students will learn techniques of watercolor painting on paper such as wet in wet, dry brush and experimenting with various technique to create vibrant effectsContinue reading “Finished April 4: Watercolour Painting”

Finished March 9th: Drawing from Observation

Class format is once a week for 6 weeks unless otherwise noted. Studio classes will typically be longer than non-studio classes (theory, seminar, etc.). Classes are $180EC for the six weeks plus the cost of supplies unless otherwise noted. This course is designed as an overview or survey course to introduce artists to a rangeContinue reading “Finished March 9th: Drawing from Observation”